Friday, August 5, 2011

The Tablet - Poll confirms dissent over holy day decision

The Tablet - <b>Poll confirms dissent over holy day decision</b>

Will comment on this tomorrow. Take good note of the date when the Tablet published this report and then remember that in 2009 there was an online petition, (which I signed), asking that the days be restored. This week I learn that the bishops are now seeking our opinion! Tomorrrow I will  publish the text of an emial I received from the person who started that petition, which includes a copy of the letter she received from Archbishop Nichols in response to her report to him of the petition's results. N years down the line and English and Welsh Catholics are STILL waiting for three Holy Days to be given back to them. Come on, your Lordships, you don't have to admit that you made a mistake, just do the decent thing as soon as you possibly can. Please, for Epiphany 2012..

The use of the word 'dissent' in the Tablet headline would be risible were it not so misleading. (I expect that you know by now that I always try to couch things in the mildest of possible terms!)

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