Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cardinal Pell: update

It seems that Cardiinal Pell  and three other Cardinals (Ouillet, Tauran and Tomko) met with the Pope A WEEK AGO SATURDAY ), that is on June 16 ( according to 'Whispers in the Loggia). This meeting has been confused with his meetings with Dicastery Cardinals since that date, to 'seek their advice'. (June 23) Then on June 24 the Vatican announced the appointment of Greg Burke as the new Communications ADVISOR for the Secretariat of State.(not as DIRECTOR. I know it's only a word but think there is a difference between an Advisor and a Director, even in the Vatican!  I should imagine that this appointment has more to do with the first above-mentioned meeting than with the second, considering the given dates.

Make no mistake, I think our Holy Father is far from feeble and floundering, in spite of the interpretation of events that the MSN seems determined to promote. .  

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