Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Good news. No hospital!

The doctor has ordered a blood test and prescribed various medicaments including calcium  and vitamin D. The blood test will be done at home by the district nurse as is the custom here. If it shows nothing worrying, and if after a month's course of prescribed medicine, his general constitution shows a marked improvement, he will NOT have to go into hospital. She was very thorough in the examination of the shoulder and I am finally satisfied that there is nothing broken.

During the course of the consultation, it became apparent from Colin's answers to her questions that he has absolutely no memory of what caused the incident, or of the incident itself. .

Afterwards I went into the Aubeterre pharmacy with my French friend and from there to do essential shopping in Chalais. It was approaching 1.30pm when I got back. I am afraid that after lunch I gave in to fatigue and had a siesta and feel much better now. Colin himself is much better and over the past week has gradually returned to his normal self.

I cannot thank you enough for the support of your prayers which, at the very least, I'm sure made all the difference to my ability to keep going. The Oasis is a little blog but it constitutes a powerful family. .

And tomorrow is Corpus Christi. I wish you all a holy and happy Feast day and hope to return to posting on Friday.

In Christo pro Papa ,



A Catholic Comes Home said...

So glad Jane!

Dorothy B said...

Good news indeed. Prayers will continue, even so.

Best wishes,

Rubricarius said...

Very pleased to read your good news!

Annie said...

Phew! :D Still keeping up the prayers! xxx

Jane said...

Thank you so much everyone. The blood test is booked for tomorrow morning.

Richard Collins said...

Good news, I will offer up my Corpus Christi Mass tonight for him.

Jane said...

Thank you Richard for a truly priceless gift.