Friday, June 29, 2012

The Sale of 'Bethany'

All problems were solved this morning and it looks as if the sale will go through. Fortunately  I had just begun to watch the Pallium Mass from Rome when the Agent rang me, and so the shock did not hit me immediately. Of course one has to be ready for 'many a slip 'twixt cup and lip'. But now we have to find somewhere smaller to rent in Saint Romain. We will consult with the Mairie on Monday.

Everyone involved is utterly amazed at the speed with which this the events of this week have unfolded. During the day I have been unable to dismiss the thought that Saints Peter and Paul may have had a hand in all this. Not to mention Saint Joseph to whom I've been praying since the decision to sell last year. The Lord knows how painful this separation is going to be, but I have already offered Him any benefit it may bring down upon us, or others.

On an equally positive note, it means that I'll probably be able to come over to England before next winter, and see some of you again, or for the first time, and even maybe accompany my friend Mary to Rome next Epiphany..............Whether I go or not isn't important. But the fact that I may now consider it is blessedly healthy.

I hope you've all had a joyful Solemnity.

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