Saturday, June 16, 2012

Catholic Hymnal: O Purest of Creatures! sweet mother, sweet maid


Richard Collins said...

My favourite hymn.
Thank you Jane.

Jane said...

How just how did I guess?!!

Mater mari said...

Beautiful! And how fortunate we are, in England's smallest county, to have a parish priest who allows the singing of hymns to Our Lady at the end of Mass.

Genty said...

And then there was O Mother Blest; Hail Queen of Heav'n the Ocean Star; Ave Maria! O Maiden O Mother; and the hymn we sang on the last day of term: O Causa Nostrae Laetitiae.
It's a topsy-turvy world when feminists claim Our Lady as co-equal with her Son while the Catholic Church seems to have embarked on an airbrushing exercise.
I think you have to be a bit careful about spoiling us, Jane. You might be fomenting rebellion in the ranks.
By the way, I have been offering up prayers for you and your husband over recent incidents.

Jane said...

Thanks so much for your prayers Genty. It really doew help to be assured of them.

On the matter of fomenting rebellion, we need another 'Lepanto'! The Oasis sails with the fleet!