Friday, June 22, 2012

The IEC in Dublin: Fr Mark is disappointed.

See 'Vultus Christi' and the link to 'Collar and Tie'. If the Pope had been there it would have been very different, in spite or the sterling effort of his Legate. I can't help feeling that he, that is the Pope, was deliberately discouraged from going there by the Irish hierarchy and I wish he had ignored them.

My mother in law told me that the Archbishop of Dublin had given Rome to understand that the feeling against the Church in Ireland was so strong that the Pope's safety could not be guaranteed..How convenient. I'm sorry but I do not trust this. Father Mark does not usually post in negative terms, in fact he rarely comments on events. The fact that he has done so this time makes me aware of the dangers we face.

Poor Pope Benedict. They managed to keep him out of this. Poor Irish Church that was deprived of his presence. Only that would have woken people up and shown them the truth.. I agree with Father Mark. It was a lost opportunity for change.

How long, O Lord how long?..

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Genty said...

Here's a coincidence. I clicked on to Fr. Mark's blog and up came his post on the Venerable Pius XII's encyclical Mediator Dei.
The coincidence? Well, it was only yesterday that my friend X shook me by affirming that the Host is only the Body of Christ while the Chalice contains only His Blood, which is why communicants receive both.
I'll leave aside that X kept calling them bread and wine.
But, but, I spluttered, the consecrated Host is the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ entire.
I've never heard that, declared X looking at me with some scepticism.
We went to the same Catholic school in the olden days, learned the Catechism. Received RI right up to leaving. What happened?
Darned if I know.