Thursday, July 5, 2012

For my dear 'Pastor in Valle'

God bless you my dear Father. I have tried to leave a comment on your blog but simply cannot read those letters one has to copy in order to get the comment accepted.

Please be assured of my poor prayers and remember that the heart of St Jean Vianney is being implored for the restoration of your health.

In filial affection,


Pastor in Monte said...

Thank you so much. I greatly value your kindness, and have been keeping you, too in my prayers at this difficult time for you. And I hope I can read your security code, too!

Jane said...

Thank you for the support of your prayers Father. They are a great comfort to me.

Dorothy B said...

The security letters are tricky, aren't they? I used to be flummoxed by them too. Then a commenter on one of the blogs said that clicking on the circular arrow, to the right of the typing box, changes the security code. Sometimes I find I have to do this a few times until I find a combination that I can read.

I hope all is well.

Best wishes,
Dorothy B.

Jane said...

Yes, I've done that several times in the past but last night the succession of letters was impossible and I just wanted Father to know quickly of my deep concern for him. So in the end I managed in the only way I could, through the Oasis..

Dorothy, thanks for your comment. Yes, we're all right and coming round for the next onslaught. I think we'll hear from the Agency again at the beginning of next week.