Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Deo gratias!

Heartfelt thanks to His Holiness and to Archbishop Mennini. And warm congratulations to Bishop-elect Philip Egan of Portsmouth.

England arise!


A Catholic Comes Home said...

God is good Jane.
Thank you Holy Father.

Jane said...

Great news isn't it! You must be skipping round like those girls in the video. Have you read William Oddie on the Herald site? Looks as if we've indeed been blessed with a good Nuncio.

A Catholic Comes Home said...

I think William Oddie calls it a "cracker"of an appointment!Cant quite believe it at the moment,but hopefully the tide is turning in this "showcase of vatican 2".

Jane said...

A 'cracker' of an appointment indeed!
I can hardly believe it either. But there it is. Our shepherd makes himself clear and we follow him.