Tuesday, July 3, 2012

House Sale News

To cut a long story short, this has been an unexpectedly bad day. The agent came this morning and it was arranged that they would drive us to Verteillac tomorrow afternoon where it had been arranged that we would, together with the buyers, sign the papers confirming the sale of the house, in the presence of the Notaire. Later we viewed a small house which is for rent in the village It would have suited us perfectly, but in the late afternoon, the Estate Agent phoned me, in a furious and desperately apologetic state, to inform me that at this eleventh hour the buyers had withdrawn from negotiations. I wasn't surprised. The last time they were here I sensed there was an emotional problem connected with family responsibilities. While I prayed that matters would still go ahead, I had in a way steeled myself for this news because I had discerned this hidden factor and knew it could influence things in the other direction. And so it has proved. As much as I am able to rationalise the situation, I still feel as if I've been kicked in the head by a dray horse!And so it is time I went upstairs to say my prayers and then get to bed. I know the Agent will bring more viewers as soon as possible, but I'm praying for a day's break from the emotional onslaught.  Thank you for your prayers.


umblepie said...

Sorry to hear this Jane. Take heart though, I'm sure that things will work out for you soon. Prayers and best wishes.

Jane said...

Thank you Brian. for your concern and prayers and for the comfort of your message.

Dorothy B said...

Very sorry to read this. Having one's home on the market is so stressful. But you are now well prepared and steeled, and ready for the next viewing. You and your husband remain in my prayers following his recent health scare, and I will add the house to the list. Just think, for every person who posts a comment assuring you of prayers, there must be quite a number of readers who don't comment but who pray for your intentions. An encouraging thought ...

God bless.
Dorothy B

Jane said...

Dear Dorothy,

Yes, I know, and I often think of these friends in my own prayers, yourself included of course.
I know how effective these prayers are in keeping us all strong and courageous - a hidden but most valuable result of the so-called blogosphere.
Thank you akways fir your comments
God bless,

Richard Collins said...

Prayers offered to St Joseph on your behalf Jane - he is the patron saint of house transactions (naturally).

Jane said...


Many, many thanks.