Saturday, September 11, 2010

Coming next: Jerusalem: The Last Night of the Proms 2006

There's rather a large and beautiful yellow and white flag just behind the conductor. Hope it's there again this year! Enjoy!

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pelerin said...

Wow - you weren't joking Jane when you said it was a large flag! I watched some of it last night but can't say I noticed a yellow and white flag but this does not mean it was not there - just that I tend to be a bit unobservant and was doing other things at the same time.

Last week when I was in London I decided to walk through Hyde Park to see where the Vigil was going to take place. I came across hoardings and what looked like a stage and lots of lights etc. But this turned out to be for one of the outside broadcasting of the Proms. It finished off with fireworks there, which must have been quite impressive although the tv broadcast cut off before they finished. I could see no signs of any stage building yet for the Papal visit but presume that it will be under way this week sometime.