Thursday, September 16, 2010

Duke of Edingurgh to greet Pope at airport

This news according to Zenit this morning.


sandy said...

Well done Scotland!

Jane said...


Truly magnificent. Thanks to Scotland.

EWTN did not appear to know that the tartan was designe especially - and apparently by an American man.

pelerin said...

Jane - I see that you watched it on EWTN. ( I don't think the BBC news channel is available in France?) I had a choice between the BBC, EWTN and of course KTO. Decided against the latter as I wanted to hear Pope Benedict speaking in English and it is annoying if there is a voice over you can understand. You end up split between the two languages!

Not too keen on American accents either so plumped for the BBC this morning. Annoyed by the commentary, especially ironic when Huw Edwards said how unusual it was to hear the private conversation between the Holy Father and the Pope and then proceeded to talk all over it. (Had uncharitable thoughts about tv commentators then!)

However discovered on Fr Finigan's blog that the Official Papal Visit Site was carrying everything live - and bliss - there was no commentary so it was almost as if you were present yourself. Shall definitely watch the Beatification this way. Can you get it in France? There is a link from Fr Finigan's blog.

Tomorrow am going to London with a friend to help 'line the streets.' And Saturday it will be Hyde Park. I have to remember to take my passport with me (true!) and I have to remember to leave my bicycle, gazebo, musical instruments and BBQ at home!

Jane said...


I elected EWTN for the very reason you mention about kto but then EWTN went blank at one point so we were driven to kto. I'd seen Fr Tim's link but decided to stick to what I know.

I love my American friends dearly , but I really do think that all commentary for this visit should have been done by Brits. EWTN made some dreadful gaffes and now Rome Reports tells me that Holyrood House is in Balmoral!

Anyway, let's not carp. God bless Mother Angelica. Where would we orthodox British catholics be without EWTN. And one thing about Arroyo is he always corrects a mistake if it's pointed out to him.

Colin and I had more or less taken private vows never to wtach BBC again! If there's time tomorrow I may investigate Fr Tim's tip.

As it was I watched the repeat of kto's coverage this afternoon and they showed much more that EWTN.

For the Mass this evening, EWTN froze its picture just before the homily so we yet again had recourse to dear old kto.