Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The next four days

As far as this blog is concerned, during the build-up to the Holy Father's visit, I have managed to resist the temptation to make critical comments about any of the 'organisers' of the said visit. Rather like Annie at the LMS Arundel and Brighton blog, I just couldn't trust myself. And so have only posted bits of positive news and music.

I intend to continue this policy over the next four days, unless anything truly dire should happen. Therefore you will find here, during the visit, music mostly written before the dawn of the 20th cntury, some of which I dearly and truly wish our beloved Pope would be going to hear whilst on British soil. So between Papal events come here. You may find salve to your soul.

Now Handel was a Protestant, but not as Protestant as some modern Catholics! He wrote a Carmelite Vespers after all. But he was originally German as well, and I'd like to welcome Benedict XVI to Britain with 'How Beauriful are the feet' from 'Messiah'. (See next post)

Benedict preaches the Gospel of peace; he brings glad tidings.

If only one British person listens to him and changes his/her attitudes and ways, there will be great rejoicing in Heaven. I believe that it will be many more than just one.

For now, I pray the dear and holy man a good night's refreshing and energising sleep.


SANDY. said...

Good Bless Our Pope,the great the good.Our Great Lady be by his side.Holy Michael protect him.English ad Welsh martyrs pray for him.Amen.

Jane said...

Thank you Sandy. Amen, Amen indeed!