Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What is the Vatican playing at? When exactly is the Pope due in Britain?

According to the official VISnews email, which I have just received, the Papal visit will take place between September 12th and September 15th.

Either the wrong dates have been put in the Pope's diary, or someone at VIS has been shockingly careless and shouldn't be in the job.

One expects that the latter is the case, but either way one prays that confusion will be avoided and that VIS will publish a correction as soon as possible.


pelerin said...

Good heavens! Confusion all round. I have visions of the Holy Father stepping out of his plane on the 12th and wondering why there is no welcoming party.

The person who sent this must have been responsible for the booklet we have all been given for the visit which has Thursday 16th, followed by Thursday the 17th followed by Friday 17th September. Doesn't anyone posess a calendar or diary? Mind you they can be consusing too as I bought one in Lourdes a few years back which had Good Friday on the SATURDAY AFTER Easter! I double checked dates that year!

Jane said...

Two hours after the email I reported on, VIS sent another one, exaclty the same as the first but with the dates mistske corrected. The second mail did not refer to the mistake in the first and made no apology for any possible confusion which might result. In a way worse than the original mistake.

As for the BOOKLET, 'Heart Speaks unto Heart' it was printed and distributed even before Cofton Park became the venue for the Beatification. So it will go down in history as carrying the wrong information that the ceremony would take place at Coventry Airport.

God bless