Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tallis - Spem In Alium

At almost 7pm GMT, our beloved Holy Father took to the skies over Birmingham en route for Rome. I dearly wish he could have heard this motet whilst he was with us. As it was,Tallis only had a brief look-in at Westminster Abbey when they sang 'If you love me'. Actually I suggested that months ago on this blog. We Catholics tend to sing this Tallis tune to the words of 'Bone Pastor'. When I know for certain that Christ's chief shepherd on earth is safely home, I will post a Te Deum.

In the meantime thanks to you Holy Father for coming among us with great courage and joy, but thanks most of all to Our Lord Jesus Christ, and His blessed Mother, for keeping you safe whilst in our hands.


sandy said...

It is a relief to see him safely home.But what meticulous care they take of him Jane.His secretary forever by his side,supplying every need,helping him down steps,etc.Just wonderful!And the men in black suits!Wow!
What a visit.How blest are we!Many grateful, happy hearts in these isles today.

Jane said...


Yes, a tremendous relief. The Police did a truly heroic job. Just how meticulour it was was is demonstrated by the the aeriel viewa (official Papal visit live webcast). We saw ech of the fairly long car journeys both in London and Birmingham, from start to finish. The papal motorcade travelled from place to place on busy British roads with police controlling traffic as they went . Talk about faultless execution of perfect strategic planning and training. We also saw the Holy Father thanking the gathered Police Chiefs and having photographs taken with him both in London and Birmingham.

God bless, from two grateful happy English hearts here in St. Romain!