Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ash Wednesday 2012: Monsignor Guido gets a ride in the Pope's new buggie!

This video is several years old, dating from the time when our Holy Father was physically stronger and could walk in the Ash Wednesday procession from St Anselm's to St Sabina's. Sad to relate, today saw the introduction of a new papal vehicle, somewhat reminiscent of those devices you see being propelled about the streets by aged or disabled people . It was driven by a Vatican aide and afforded sufficient room on the back to accommodate His Holiness and his two Masters of Ceremony.  Its hand bars painted white, it is a fraction of the size of the Popemobile and  so discreet that no one appears to have noticed its debut, possibly because the MSN isn't particularly interested in Christian penitential liturgy and wasn't paying attention. .Tomorrow they may catch up, and we shall have more irritating stuff about our 85 year old Pope 'slowing down'. If I read that phrase once more I shall scream! Tonight however, Pope Benedict appears to have stolen a few hours march, albeit riding and not walking!.
I'm told that Mons. Guido Marini is not a good traveller, and I must admit he looked nervous and as if  he would have preferred to pad alongside his master on terra firma,  as heretofore. ..Nevertheless whatever is necessary, he will do. I shouldn't be surprised if it wasn't his idea anyway. The whole spectacle reminded me of a Hardyesque overloaded hay-cart. But the  liturgy, and the Holy Father's homily,  were beautiful and salutary beginnings to Lent..

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