Thursday, February 9, 2012

Update on Writing Project and what I've found most helpful on the Blogosphere during the last week: Vultus Christi and the Muniment Room

Since the beginning of the current month I've written over 6,000 words. The target is 14,000 words to be completed by the deadline date of March 9th, so as long as I write at least 600 a day I should make it with no insurmountable problem. The results will be published in May and you should be able to purchase them for less than £2. (If that's not a hint, at least to UK readers, then I don't know what would be.) I'll publish further details once my text is accepted by the publisher.

During the evenings, I've been catching up on the orthodox Catholic internet and aside from absorbing all the brouhaha resulting from President Obama's recent Healthcare Mandate have found two series to be most valuable. On 'Vultus Christi', (link in sidebar) Father Mark Kirby OSB, has been writing a series of letters to incipient Benedictine Oblates.. I cannot recommend them highly enough. More about this at a later date.
And then 'The Muniment Room' (a UK blog, also linked in sidebar) has been explaining the history of the Church in the UK over the last half century with particular quoted references to the National  Pastoral Congress, and to the largely hidden activities, and the now more apparent agenda, of Cardinal Hume and Archbishop Warlock. I think the author, tTony, and I must be about the same age, because during this series he has described things that I remember living through, and which I could not understand at the time. The difference is that even though I was working for the Tablet during the 1980s, I was too busy earning my daily crust bumping up the subscription figures and did not pay proper attention to the documentation to which tTony had access.

I left the Tablet in 1985 but continued to index it and its sister journal , the Clergy Review (later Priests and People) until 1993 . For many years now, whilst it still has the occasional excellent article,  I have deplored the stance of its editorial. Reading tTony's series has explained so much, and I am most grateful to him. This series too, I recommend that you read.

Now to bed so as to be ready  and fit to produce tomorrow's word allocation!
Please, of your charity, spare a Hail Mary for me.

All of you remain always in my prayers.
J..    . .


Dom Mark Daniel Kirby, O.S.B. said...

My dear Jane, How good to read your post! You are hard at work. As for me, I too am hard at work preparing the removal at the end of the month. On Sunday I will be receiving 8 new novice oblates. The good wine kept until last? With my loving blessing.

Jane said...

Thank you Father. Lovely to hear from you. Have a blessed and happy feast of Saint Scholastica. I'm sure she has her eye on you and is helping you with packing for the move!
With my prayers and filial affection as always,

Mulier Fortis said...

Hi Jane! Slightly off topic, but I've tagged you for a quick meme that I'm trying to get started...