Thursday, February 16, 2012

'Oh my prophetic soul!', sorry prophetic Pope!

h/t to The Anchoress, oka Elizabeth Scalia, at her blog Patheos. Tonight she has recommended a book written in 1971 by then Archbishop Ratzinger, entitled 'Faith and the Future' and recently republished by Ignatius Press. (And Mac, it's also available on Kindle) Its 160 pages,  seem from the Patheos  selected quotes, to be pure, and as time has proved, accurate Ratzingerian prophecy. Order in hardcopy from

Some time ago I tried to pinpoint the occasion on which Pope Benedict had first mentioned the probability of a smaller, poorer and leaner Church. It was quite a shock to discover that he had written about this even before the election of John Paul II. I plan to acquire a used copy to add to my Lenten reading list..

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jane! I bought it at once on my Kindle and, yes, I'll read it during Lent. I started reading it now, because the temptation is too much when you first acquire a book. But I switched off.

Love and Prayers,