Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mac's Meme

If you're tagged for a Meme ( as I have been by Mac, here are the rules:
1. You post these rules on your blog.
2. You link back to the person who tagged you, in my case Mulier Fortis, and me for anyone tagged on this post
3. You tag five people and tell them they've been tagged on their own blog
4. The subject of this meme is Mac's wants to have your choice of three essential books to have on her new Kindle. So you post the names of three books. (She has said that they have to be reading books, no reference books or prayer books)

Here are my five 'tagees'
Fr Bede Rowe at a Chaplain Abroad
Fr John Hogan at St Genesius blog
Dylan Parry at 'A Reluctant Sinne
Fr Michael Gollup at 'Let Nothing You Dismay
and Sandy at 'A Catholic Comes Home' Sorry I can't give a direct link because her URL won't work on my system for some reason, ie.

My three recommended books are (sorry have no time to check whether they are available on Kidle but I recommend them anyway

1. 'One Lord, One Faith' by Mgr Vernon Johnson , originally published in the 1930s I think. (too dark and cold upstairs in the library to go searching for my copy!) Still in print as a classic of Apologetics and of a Conversion story. Ignatius Press has it I think. Essential reading for anyone still teeteering on the brink of swimming the Tiber, and salutary reading for Catholics who have forgotten why the authority of Peter is essential and insurmountable, in this volume scripturally argued and proved. Essential reading too, for all those who have come into the Church over recent decades with faulty of insufficient catechesis.

2. 'In this House of Brede'. This novel is Rumer Godden's masterpiece in my opinion. A critique tomorrow if I have time. First published in 1969, it's about an English monastery of Benedictine nuns circa 50s-70s and based on Stanbrook Abbey.  I still read it once a year!

3.'Liturgical Reflections of a Papal Master of Ceremonies' by Msgr Guido Marini (published in English by Newman House Press) . Indispensable round-up of where we are now liturgically, and how far we have come during the present pontificate, Deo gratias..

Hope I've done everything properly Mac! Sorry about any typos. Tired and can hardly see the screen. Am now up to just over 8,000 words of my contracted assignment. - 6,000 to go!

God bless all here,