Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Writing update and other more seasonal difficulties

At the thaw about ten days ago, we had a burst pipe and that put the washing machine out of action, horror of horrors! How do two people make so much washing in such a short space of time?! The leak has meant we've had to turn the water off at the mains each day, except for short periods  to allow for essential activities. Our trusty plumber came this evening and mended four separate leaks that he discovered in the washing machine pipes. Fortunately he's an electrician too,  and saw to it before leaving that everything was restored on that front as well. The whole job took him about 2 hours, much of it in the dark, with the aid of inspection lamp. During that time I managed to make the batter for Shrove Tuesday Pancakes, which we  consumed about half an hour ago.

With the help of my saints and those of you who spare prayers for me, I've kept writing over these last days, and am now only about 1,300 words short of the target for March 9. Will report again then. In the meantime tomorrow is washing morning (thank God) whilst I listen to the Papal Audience. Then the usual detested shopping trip followed by the Holy Father's Ash Wednesday Mass from Santa Sabina.

With my prayers that all of you may have a holy and fruitful Lent.

In Christo pro Papa

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