Friday, August 13, 2010

Being loyally Catholic, reasonable and realistic....

In my view anyone who claims these three things should follow the Protect the Pope site (see sidebar here) authored by Nick Donnelly, who is a permanent Deacon of the Lancaster Diocese. Often Rev. Donnelly's reports do not make comfortable reading, but they are indeed loyally Catholic, reasonalble and realistic. There is a total absence of sensationalism. Facts are reported and the Protect the Pope comments are eminently sensible. The site is an excellent way of keeping up with the activities and statements of the opponents of the Pope's visit. It is surely our duty to be informed of what these are. Doing so is not to retreat into the ghetto. Quite the reverse, it is to be aware of elements in our society who would like to see Roman Catholicism, silenced and forced back into a ghetto, with the eventual intention of exterminating it altogether. These elements may not represent great numbers of the British population, but they are extremely vocal and widely reported by media also largely hostile to Catholics and their Pope. One might say that together they have embarked on a propaganda war. There is a much reduced chance of their victory if Catholics keep themselves informed of enemy tactics. And there is much greater chance of security for us and for the Pope if we know what we are up against and are properly and quietly on our guard.

Thank you to Deacon Donnelly for his valuable contribution at this time.


epsilon said...

Jane - on this note - are you not aware of the warning about splintered sunrise given by Apostolate of the Laity and followed up here - this is serious!

I only ask because I see you have a link to ss on your side bar (though you have none to me;)

Why is noone taking any notice of Apostolate of the Laity??

Jane said...


Sorry!Am being plagued by computer problems at the moment and techni-man is on holiday and won't be coming to sort things out until August 23. PLEASW leave your URL in the combox here and I will link to you most happily!

As far as Splintered Sunrise is concened I debated about taking it off the list when I read Fr Blake's commenter from Apostolate of the Laity. i did follow up the link to A of the L and whilst there was nothing I could put my finger on I was still somewhat uncomfortable about it and don't know why. When the comment was removed from Fr Blake's combox I decided to leave it and wait and see. As you know Father has been at Downside for the last few days. I trust Father's judgment and probably a lot of other people do as well which may explain why nobody is saying anything. Perhaps Father will explain when he has time.

On the other hand quite apart from A of L and even before 'his' intervention, I was also uncomfortable about SS. It's just opinion and no links or sources are given. I'll do more private research and keep you posted.

In the meantime I'm sure we'd both be grateful if anyone else can shed light on this.

Keep in touch and don't forget the URL.
God bless,

Jane said...


thanks for the URL. have been trying to link it but it hasn't worked yet. Think it may be to do with the computer problems Im having. A case of an overloades system I fear. My techni man is on holiday for a week so I'll have to wait for assistance.
Anyway, I'll keep trying with the link.