Friday, August 6, 2010

Pope Benedict wanted to be a librarian? Well not just any old librarian....

Rome Repots video following.


Anonymous said...

This is a gem of a video! Thank you, Jane.

They were saying on EWTN last night that Achille Ratti, later Pope Pius XI, was librarian of the Saint Ambrose Library - is it in Milan? - anyway, it's a very important Church library. Apparently he later became Vatican Librarian and was then elected Pope. So, if Joseph Ratzinger had become Vatican Librarian, he could still have been pope now!
With love and prayers,

Jane said...

Yes i know. It's just that God must have known there wasn't time left to be spent in libraries!

I often think, and have said it before on this blog, that one of the reasons JR looks so happy, if shaken, during his first Loggia appearance after election, is that at last he knew what his life had all been about and what it was for.

And of course we did too, and even for us it was the most incredible revelation. What must it have been like for him? And yet he was given the strength and presence of mind to stand up straight and behave with perfect and genuine dignity...

Enough for tonight; more tomorrow.
With my love and prayers,