Monday, August 2, 2010

44 days to go and still wanting to stand up and be counted!

But even were I at home that would be difficult, if not impossible. (Dominic Mary makes the points well tonight at Libara Me.) But I really feel we have to ask why things have come to this very un-pretty pass. I really think it's a question of security and money.

I suspect that British security has told the Catholic leadership that it will only be possible to guarantee the safety of the Holy Father and the Catholics who have the nerve to attend the venues on the proposed itinerary, if numbers are contained, and the restrictive, if not draconian methods of limitation are put in place. Some time ago, I hinted that although this may not have been the intention of the Conference, it may perhaps suit their agenda. All they need to do is keep stum and let the wagons roll. I fervently wish to be wrong about this.

Furthermore, I think there has been an argument as far as the costs are concerened and the Catholic leadership has lost it. I leave it to you to decide how hard they fought. But:

Catholic leadership: 'Your guy Brown, invited him. You should pay.'

Government: 'No.'

C.L: OK well, we won't either, because we can't afford it anyway.'

As it is, we are being told that there will be no facilities at the Beatification site: no seating and a walk of a mile from the coach dropping off point (for many people) after a journey through the night to get within that distance. Not only that, but the people will be penned in for hours on either side of the Mass.

So far there has been no mention of giant screens being put up, as they normally are in places where the Holy Father goes that cannot accommodate the large numbers wishing to be present.

Never mind, it will all be all right, so we are told by Chris Patten, and I am informed, by Archbishop Nichols, although I have been unable to find the latter's most recent interview on Vatican Radio.

Hey-hoh! Tomorrow is another day.

I have a very precious video of our Holy Father laughing. Listening to that sweet sound will help me sleep tonight and I will post it here at the next oppportunity.

In the meantime, the Holy Rosary.......

God bless all here.

In Christo pro Papa


pelerin said...

No facilities at the Beatification site? Does this mean what I think it means? In Lourdes they erected long rows of portaloos! The name on them was EURECA!!

I have put my name down for Hyde Park but yesterday Fr told us that he has not yet received any tickets. He was told that he will have 30 tickets and 40 people have put their names down so it looks as if they will have to be drawn out of a hat.

Mike said...

One report of the Mass at the Randwick racecourse in Sydney at the end of World Youth Day:

Hundreds of thousands gather for pope's youth finale
(AFP) – Jul 19, 2008
SYDNEY (AFP) — Pope Benedict XVI led up to 500,000 pilgrims in a giant mass on a Sydney racecourse Sunday, capping a week of World Youth Day festivities.
Even if the number was actually less than 500,000 it was still a very large number and shows what can be done. If Australia can do it, why can’t the UK (Scotland and England and Wales, by the way) do it?

There was also a giant screen in Darling Harbour for the Mass at the beginning of WYD.

Jane said...

Seems to me they had better get their act together pdq. As I say, 44 days to do it.

Mike: I don't think it's a question of whether you can do a thing, so much as whether you want to do it, and that is what gives me nightmares. Deep in my heart I suspect that in the UK now, the will is not there, God help us.

Anonymous said...

Pelerin:Yes, there are going to be loos and we'll also be able to buy food and drink. Clifton Diocese website has a whole sheet of details about the Cofton Park Mass. It doesn't say how far we'll have to walk and I've phoned our deacon to ask him this - as it's important. He is going to phone Father McAndrew in Bristol to try to find out.

I'm going anyway and have paid my £30.After all, it is a pilgrimage - we can't expect it to be like a four star hotel.

Dear Jane,
Thank you for that wonderful laugh from our Holy Father!!!!! Talk about "listen again" - I'm going to, over and over again!

Love and keep smiling!

Anonymous said...

I have a ticket for the Beatification Mass, but when I heard of the dropping off distance I spoke to my Parish Priest as I would not be able to walk a great distance. He in turn rang the Diocesan Office to try to find out exactly what the arrangements would be. He was told that there would be wheelchair access, but then asked what about those who, whilst not in a wheelchair, would find distance difficult. He was told "that could be a problem couldn't it" - but no solution.

So, I have a ticket, but it looks unlikely I will be able to use it.

Our Lady Help of Christians, pray for us.

Jane said...


There are bound to be others in you diocese who would be happy to have your ticket. And of course there will be many others up and down the country who will feel they cannot use their tickets because of the difficulties that are in their way. It would seem sensible if each diocese started a pool of returned and available tickets that could be applied for and redistributed on a first come first served basis, at diocesan offices. But this needs clear and decisive action, NOW, and unless the dioceses can put the same system into play, there will be little justice in the way things are sorted out.

Of course, the whole idea that you are to be excluded because of the walking distance is totally unacceptable.

I'm retiring now to pray about it all and may well post about this tomorrow early afternoon or late evening.

God bless you.