Saturday, August 14, 2010

Splintered Sunrise and the Apostolate of the Laity; plus an unacceptable comment yesterday

I don't want to spend long on this but feel it's necessary to report results of my investigation since yesterday. Those of you who are following this subject will know that my own experience of the two sites led me to feel uncomfortable about both of them, but for very different reasons. I had left Splintered Sunrise on my bloglist because Aposolate of the Laity's comment on the latter had been removed from Fr Blake's combox. Thanks to epsilon, I was encouraged to look again at the matter. A. of the L. had posted a link on Fr Blake's blog and epsilon transferred it to my com box. This link leads to other posts by SS which are definitely pornographic. According to another private correspondent these SS posts are now nowhere to be found at SS, and she thinks he has removed them. So far today, SS has not posted. Nevertheless I removed SS from my list last night. Pornography aside, it has always worried me that SS speaks with great confidence as an informed 'insider' but never, if memory serves correctly, does he give any links, sources or other proof of his statements.

Further investigation of A. of L today, shows a series of posts about St. Maximilian Kolbe. Checking back it is quite clear that the author follows the Catholic calender and posts accordingly. However on checking the profile one finds that he has placed the site under the patronage of Our Lady Co-redemptrix. I hope someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but strictly speaking do we not need a fifth Marian Dogma to be proclaimed before using the title?
I have been unable to find the identity of A. of L. All it says on his profile is that he is male and is based in London. I fully realise there may be very good reasons for his not revealing who he is, and will read him occasionally. At the moment I don't plan to add him to my bloglist.

Yesterday I received an unpleasant comment which I have not published because its language is vulgar. This person tells me that the Holy Father's visit is nothing to do with me because I live in France. I should therefore find something else to worry about, like girl alatar servers and lack of lace cottas. Obviously this person has me down as some kind of rabid ultramontanist. Clearly
(s)he hasn't been paying enough attention before making such a judgment. On the subject of my right to be concerned and to comment about the Pope's visit and English Catholicism:

Firstly the Church is universal. I have the joy, albeit the unmerited privilege and grace, of being in full communion with her. Where I live has no relevance whatsover.
Secondly, I am English and spent a career of 44 years teaching in England. I live in France because I have to, not that I don't love France. Of course I do, but for all its faults and troubles I love England more.
Thirdly, I pay British taxes and have the vote.

I will not be silenced or disenfranchised from blogging by the unpleasantness of that commenter, who incidentally also concealed his/her identity.

Now, let's get back to praying for the Holy Father and the British flock who want to give him a wholehearted and loving welcome.

St. Maximilian Kolbe, pray for us.
Our Lady help of Christians, pray for us.
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.

In Christo pro Papa


Anonymous said...

Hey, this is a though provoking post, so thank you! I recently added you to my blogroll and enjoy reading your blog. I actually think it's a good idea not to add blogs and recommend them without first having a read through them and pausing for thought.

I think it very wise to remove Splintered Sunrise, its an awful blog with many perverse posts. Well done. I will place the link to my blog post on Splintered Sunrise at the bottom.

I am male and based in London. I used to have my name and a photo on my profile, I just decided to remove them - mainly because of concerns about privacy, which Facebook had problems with etc, that's all. I hope I don't use it as an occasion to be rude and not listen to other peoples comments.

I am really pleased you noticed tht my blog in under the patronage of Our Lady Coredemptrix. Your question about this doctrine really deserves a full answer and explanation about the doctrine and movement for its infallible dogmatic definition. If its ok, I'd like to get back to you on this topic as it deserves it. Perhaps I'll post more on it. I already have several posts about Our Lady Coredemptrix, so please feel free to look.

Sorry to hear about the rude comment. I hope you make it to the UK to see the Pope when he comes to visit.

All the best

Anonymous said...

Pope John Paul II used the title Coredemptrix 6 times during his pontificate.

Fr. Paul Sigl has founded a religious community called Family of Mary Coredemptrix. This group are in, and have always been in, full communion with the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope.

There are several Catholic Churches with the name Mary Coredemptrix, or Our Lady Coredemptrix.

The is a movement in the Church calling for the infallible dogmatic definition of the doctrine of Coredemptrix - vox populi Mariae Mediatrici. Amongst the supporters are 5 cardinals and over 100 bishops.

These are just a few examples which I hope demonstrate the legitimacy of using the title Coredemptrix. I still plan to blog more about this doctrine.

Kind Regards.

Jane said...


Bless you for this comment. There is a lot to say in response but for the moment, yes, I'm very interested in the possibility of a fifth dogmas and will look for your posts on it tomorrow after lunch. Could be doing worse things on Assumption afternoon!

I trust you have read all Msgr Calkins writings on the 5th dogma. If not I'll post linkd. Sorry for brevity here but still too much to do before I go to bed.

Never mind, the ice is broken!

In Christo pro Papa

Anonymous said...

p.s. those particular blog posts by Splintered Sunrise are still on the blog. They have not been removed.

Jane said...


Thank you. I will alert mu informant.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jane,
Your most recent post is from the heart and I know how you feel. I would be the same and that's why I don't think I could ever blog. I'd wear my heart on my sleeve and sure enough someone [like the vulgar person you mentioned] would upset me. I used to have an identity on Damian Thompson's blog Holy Smoke, but found that I was no longer registered after I didn't comment for some weeks. I still look at his blog, but the people are even worse than the ones who posted on his origial blog. There were some evangelical protestants and atheists were deliberately and openly nasty, writing things one just wouldn't get away with anywhere other than on the internet.
There's no copyright, no rules about language and pornographic content. Just look at You Tube! I find some of the videos informative, some entertaining, but I try not to look at the comments.
Jane, don't worry. I know I have to write anonymously, but that's not from choice - I couldn't use any of the accounts. But you know who I am and you know my integrity as a Catholic.
Love and Prayers,
Hoka2_99 Mary

Annie said...

I've had a couple of nasty anonymous comments too, random, but nonetheless nasty. I just deleted them with a prayer. Trouble is, the memory of them doesn't go away fast enough!