Monday, August 16, 2010

Yesterday's bomb scare in Lourdes; further posts here a rarity until next Monday evening

Our local paper the 'Charente Libre' reports a bomb scare in Lourdes yesterday on the afternoon of the Assumption and in the middle of the French annual national pilgrimgage. Authorities received a warning via a call-box that bombs would go off in the Sanctuaires at 3pm. 30,000 people were evacuated, whilst a search was conducted. Nothing was found, no bombs went off and no-one was hurt, Deo gratias.

Many of you will know that Philip Johnson has been in Lourdes for the last three weeks and may already have left when the scare took place. I know that my regular commenter Pelerin is in Lourdes at the moment and have no doubt she will tell me more about it on her return.

Blogging and emailing are becoming very difficult because of problems with my computer. It will not be dealt with until next Monday. Until then, posting here will be a rarity.

God bless all here.
In Christo pro Papa

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