Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Les amies clarisses de Benoît

On the feast of St. Clare, fifty secondsworth of mutual spiritual love being demonstrated. A happy and holy St. Clare's day everyone.

Saint Clare intercede for us, and especially for all your Franciscan daughters and for Pope Benedict.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Jane,
I've watched the video and several others - young people hugging the Holy Father, kissing his ring. This was all truly beautiful. Perhaps the women on an American forum should watch these videos. They've just had a lengthy discussion on whether or not anyone should be allowed to touch the Pope - even the Memores Domini ladies who form part of his household. I don't usually look at that forum, because it seems to be dominated by a few women[if they are women], who are unnaturally obsessed with the Pope's appearance and his liturgical vestments. At one point they mentioned that JPII's Polish nuns were never seen - so how do we know that they didn't give him a hug now and then? They probably did, along with all the young people who openly showed their affection for that pope. So why not for Pope Benedict? There's no harm in it. The harm is in the unnatural interest shown by people on the internet.
Thanks for the beautiful videos!
Love and prayers,
Hoka2_99 Mary