Thursday, August 12, 2010

We love you

In her comment on my last post Mary referred to a formu which has been 'debating' whether or not the Pope should be touched. She clearly disapproves of the tone of that 'debate' and sent me a link asking for my comments. Ii have to say I agree with Mary, but was also exasperated by those who criticise Monsignors Ganswein and Marini for 'unnecessary' fussing over the Holy Father. The clip in this post proves that it can never be known in advance when their ministrations may be necessary! And I think it shows what a perfect team they make. In any case I'm sure the two Monsignors do nothing which the Pope himself regards as unnecessary. They wouldn't do it if he did. He is 83 and would love to bound about like a man of 43. Since nearly falling over a plant pot at L'Aquila last year I think he's decided to accept with grace and gratitude the security of Msgr Marini's supporting hand under his elbow.

In any case my own attitude to whether the Pope should be touched is demonstrated in the last post. It entirely depends on the occasion and the disposition of those involved.

In times past we used to hug our church buildings. Most of us will not get within 'hugging' distance of our Holy Father, but God knows we 'hug' him in and by our prayer. And the stronger that prayer is, the more Pope Benedict feels it too.

Hope you enjoy this clip. If you don't understand French or Spanish, just watch and listen to the crowd and pray that the English can respond to our Holy Father so spontaneously in a few week's time. He is not concerned about himself. His happiness is shown when people show their commitment to Christ.

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