Friday, August 27, 2010

Pope Benedict XVI - Visit to Lourdes

Where the Pope has already been and how they welcomed him.

2. Lourdes September 2008

This one's especially for my dear friend Pelerin who was there in the thick of it. She did some crowd control of her own although sadly the camera didn't catch it! Perhaps she'll tell you all about it in a comment here.

(btw No computer man yet, even though he promised to come today at the latest. Offereing up worry and frustration)


pelerin said...

Thanks again Jane - I had not seen that amateur video before - only the official ones from kto. I think this captures well the excitement of the Pope's arrival.

He was well behind schedule and yet the atmosphere there was so good humoured and patient. I was lucky enough to find the only seat available on the road down to the Domaine and staked my claim at 11am armed with an umbrella and sandwiches! Throughout the day it poured on and off but people had started to gather behind the barriers from 11 am and he was not due until 7pm.

I had wondered whether to go into the Domaine where this video was taken but I knew I would not be able to stand for that length of time. Towards evening people were actually coming away from the Domaine saying that it was just too full to be comfortable so providence gave me a perfect position.

Being at the narrowest point in the road I could not have been better placed. I neither heard nor saw any other English there during my stay although I did meet one Irish lad who told me he wished to become a Priest one day. I do hope he perseveres.

No tickets were needed to attend either of the Papal Masses or the wonderful Benediction service. Security was excellent - I counted some twenty van loads of CRS (Riot Squad) as they arrived in the town and swung round my bench. Armed men were positioned on rooftops and someone pointed out to me that there were even armed men moving on the mountain behind the Papal Altar in the prairie. Sad but necessary to welcome a Man of Peace.

Jane said...

Huge thanks for sharing your memories Pelerin.