Thursday, February 2, 2012

Twelve Lights of Candlemas

1.The light of the candle which you will carry before Mass if you are fortunate enough to have a procession tonight according to the 1962 Missal. (If not, please consider lighting a candle before Mass at Our Lady's altar and if you are unable to attend Mass you can always light one at home. Symbolically we each carry Christ in the candle we hold.)

2. The light of example in the submission of Mary and Joseph to the ritual of Purification, even though it was entirely inappropriate to Mary and her Child

3. The light of our realisation that Christ Himself willed that it should be so. He submitted to the Law in order to purify it. He willed to become like us  He entered the Temple in demonstration that He had come to rebuild it.

4. The light of His glorious kingship over Israel and over all the kingdoms of the earth.

5. The light of His sacred priesthood over all priests.

6 The light of the Spirit that brought Simeon into the Temple to receive the Child that day.

7 The light that spoke through Simeon of suffering, not only for Mary but for all Israel in the near and far distant future, and for all of us who would either accept or reject that light.

8 The light that enabled Simeon to recognize the Child as the glory of his people, and enabled Anna to acclaim that Child as Messiah and Redeemer.

9. The light that completed the cycle of prophecy immediately surrounding the birth of the Saviour.

10. The light of personal fulfilment and peace brought to Simeon and Anna by His presence.

11. The light of life He is to us.

12. The Light of Christ Himself.

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Anonymous said...

The little flock gathered for Mass today at Wiveliscombe received candles and we had a little ceremony and kept our candles alight until the end of the Gloria.

How lucky we are, at last, to have a truly holy priest!

Mary Hoka2_99