Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Hollies - Carrie Anne

After yesterday's loss of bloglist, a vicious hale storm later in the afternoon which sent the computer into crash mode, and this morning, the item on Zenit about Bishop Keiran Conry's latest public evidence of a change of mind, (and one hopes, heart) about the Pope, I have to burst out with a little frivolity before returning to the very serious matter of STANBROOK ABBEY. All day the Hollies' tune has been zinging through my brain with a slightly changed title as in brackets above. I had to check the words of the original song. Not really ideal but some of the lines made me smile. Anyway its a pleasant bit of nostalgia.
It's not that I'm questioning the Bishop's sincerity, but it would have been more edifying had he admitted that Pope Benedict has worked wonders on HIS OWN previously published opinions . It isn't surprising that his current volte face is confusing, if not unconvincing, to some of us who had been alarmed by several of his decidedly unhelpful statements between the Ad Limina and the Pope's visit.

Of course we pray constantly for the Pope and for all our Bishops.


Dorothy said...

It is a wonderful surprise to hear orthodox or supportive words from bishops who have been regarded in the past as, shall we say, less than enthusiastic.

I'm sorry to inject a slightly cynical note, but a number of bishops and archbishops in England and Wales are due to retire in the fairly near future. It would be quite understandable if the thought of possible advancement, and the advantages of raising one's profile, were to arise in the hearts of the remaining bishops and senior clergy. These things are of course entirely compatible with perfect sincerity.

Jane said...

Yes I'll admit to fighting off a certain cynicism which has grown in me during the experiences of the last half century.

Let's go on praying for Bishop Keiran and all the others.