Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stanbrook Abbey:Apologies for delay;Medjugorje; Georg Ratzinger etc.

I'm sorry to delay the Stanbrook post. I needed to do a little more surfing to see what else I could find. And before that Francis Phillips Catholic Herald blog posting on Medjugorje and its full combox kept me occupied for longer than I ought to have spent. Gertrude at CP&S says the post is 'reasoned', and has a link to the Herald page. I agree with her. It's a complex issue and a tall order for Cardinal Ruini's Commission to sort out. By the time I'd finished everything else I had to do today it was time for the late afternoon Rosary. Now, another day has almost gone.

I had a long conversation on Friday night with a dear friend who told me that Georg Ratzinger had a knee replacement operation a week yesterday. (How I missed that news item I don't know.) I thought the Pope wasn't quite himself at Wednesday's GA. A very natural worry about his brother could explain it. Anyhow he seemed distracted. Very unusual for him. We agreed how sad it was that the Holy Father can't be given time off to go and visit his brother. Isn't there a gap in the diary, now the Spanish football squad have postponed their Papal Audience because of training demands before their match against Arsenal?!. Well I'm praying that he will be able to visit his brother privately, and praying for Msgr Georg's recovery.

A demain

In Christo pro Papa

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