Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Stanbrook: 4

I have decided, mainly because of lack of time, to link you to the current Stanbrook Abbey site.

The other reason for the link is to provide access to info. that is already in the public domain. I'd like you to read it before I express any further personal opinion, or write about my own experiences as promised.

Judging from the interest already shown, as reflected in my stats, many of you will already have found the Stanbrook site. Several of its sections show Abbess Joanna Jamieson's thinking and rationale behind the move. For more about what Abbess Joanna did after she resigned in 2007, go to this Times Online article by Maggie Fergusson (Times Dec 14 2008). It reports an interview with Dame Joanna conducted the day before she returned to Stanbrook, and now includes an additional paragraph about what has happened since she returned to the old Abbey before the move to Wass.

I will post again either later today or tomorrow afternoon


Pastor in Valle said...

Thank you so much for these posts; I had wondered so much about what had gone on, and now have at least a little light into it.

Jane said...

Thank you Father. It's my continuing pleasure.
You will see from the next post that I lost my bloglist earlier today, but I've already put you back with five others, I just couldn't be separated from!Thank you for YOUR blog and assurance or prayers.