Friday, February 18, 2011

Stanbrook 5: New section now added. Please scroll to read


Richard Collins said...

Is it conceivable that the altar and tabernacle have been left behind? I am sure they have been properly de-consecrated but it is worrying to imagine what use they may be put to.

Jane said...

Thanks for your query. Photo 2 and 53 are obviously a Pieta side shrine or altar within the former enclosure. As the Tabernacle is 'built-in' it had to be left behind. More about this in my post tomorrow.

Photos 52 & 56 show the High Altar area. I should think they've taken the tabernacle with them, (if there was one) but have obviously left the two modern altar constructions. What was in the now blank space below the rose window? I don't remember its being visible from guest chapel and have no idea what has happened to it.

As I said more on this in following posts.