Friday, February 4, 2011

UK Bishops prepare for the 'new' Mass

Zenit has this report
(The link took rather a long time when I tested it just now but it did work.)

You will note the absence of the honest and accurate phrase 'more correct', to describe the new translation of the Mass. It has to be eschewed at all costs, because its use would be to admit that for four decades the bishops have condoned and encouraged the inaccurate version. Difficult to admit that the Flock has been misled. The content of the first handout in 'Praying the Mass' for Priests and others in leadership roles' (link on the Zenit report), certainly shows that the Archbishop realises they need to be put back on track, but I could find no advice about how to deal with laity, and I'm afraid some priests, who object to having this 'new' version 'foisted' upon them. I hope people like this will not create too much difficulty, but surely one needs to be ready for them. People will want to know WHY this or that phrase has changed. Many may still need to be convinced that the changes are necessary. Yes, it is an opportunity for catechesis if people know the reasoning behind the changes. To explain this simply and clearly, there needs to be a three-fold table in the following parallel columns 1. The original Latin 2. A straightforward English translation 3. The outgoing English 'translation'. That's all that's needed to START proper catechesis. Of course when people see how inaccurate the 'old' version is, they could be forgiven for asking why it was ever allowed, let alone for so long. Another difficult one for the Conference to answer. But their Excellencies shouldn't worry too much. After all, people are so loving and obedient to them as their shepherds and are so tolerant and forgiving these days, aren't they?

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