Sunday, February 27, 2011

NLM; Lenten preparation; A Year for Nuns; my fourth book; and other matters

I've sent NLM the links to the 'Amazing Retreats' photo gallery and to which has many photos of the new Stanbrook at Wass. Nothing yet on NLM's site as a result. I'm told they get innundated with stuff but will nag them if necessary. More people should know and see for themselves what has happened, than can possibly be reached by my blog.

The last few days have been spent catching up with domestic and other work that had been shelved because of the Stanbrook series, - with preparing for Lent, and making some related decisions. I say related, because although before every Lent I make a list of intended intensified practice under the three traditional Lenten headings, every year for at least the last 20, the Lord has sent me an an additional, unexpected and usually surprising task, one which knocks the sails out of me, but which I always try to embrace to the best of my ability, praying always for His help and that of his Blessed Mother.

I will not post often during Lent, maybe only once a week. Please follow me and I will explain during the coming weeks what I believe I have to do this year.

The first thing, I can tell you now, is to do everything I can to promote a Holy Year for Nuns. (My first Lenten post will probably be about that. And very soon, I will , and must, tell you more about St. Conleth's Catholic Heritage Association. )

Since my retirement in 2006, I had more or less given up the idea that I would ever write the fourth book in the unfinished quartet. Somehow at the end of the present winter, the indications are very different. I will tell you all about this a time goes on. And we will see. The actual writing of a book is no mean task in itself, but the other stages one goes through, from proposal to publication, are perhaps even more demanding. I've been through them three times. If it's God's will, I will go through them for a fourth time and happily, that I may be less and He may be more.

In the meantime, I really believe my Guardian Angel has been looking after me. Yesterday I went out into our courtayard to give the cats their afternoon meal. I slipped on a rotting leaf and fell flat on my back. This had nothing to do with my chronic vertigo. Fortunately I fell on the grass rather than on the adjacent concrete path which did graze my head, but had no impact on the top of the spine. After I hit the ground, I lay there in the shock of the moment, thinking that it would be remarkable if I had avoided severe injury. Fortunately, as usual, my husband was watching from the study window and came out to help me back to the vertical. It was a remarkable escape. I appear to have sustained a bruised coxyx. That is all.

Deo gratias, and of course to my Guardian Angel. There was another thing tonight about a failing gas bottle and a Yorkshire pudding, but that could have been St. Martha!

In closing tonight, if you have not yet signed the NLM Summorum Pontificum petition, or contributed to the WDTPRS spiritual bouquet for Pope Benedict's baptismal feast, PLEASE DO SO at your earliest possible convenience.

In Christo pro Papa



A Catholic Comes Home said...

Jane,off topic forgive me.Interested to see that you suffer from chronic vertigo.I too had this for most of last year.I too fell over in my kitchen and landed in the dogs feeding dishes,bruising my back!I couldnt look up nor down,and when walking, the ground came up to meet me.After various tests and pills and potions,it was finally found that my vitamin B12 levels were very low.This does cause vertigo.A course of injections followed,and within a couple of days the vertigo vanished.It means on going treatment of course,but it might be worth asking for a a check on your B12 levels.It does happen that as we get older, it is harder to absorb this vitamin.Just a thought Jane,I know just how awful vertigo can be.

Jane said...

Thanks so much for this tip, (no pun intended). I'll certainly be investigating.
God bless