Saturday, February 5, 2011

Why isn't 'YouCat' all over the Blogosphere?

Well, as far as I can see it isn't, and I read fairly widely as I'm sure you realise. Apart from this morning's Episcopal ordinations in St. Peter's, it's been a day of miserable whingeing dissent, with illogical and distinctly unhelpful 'contibutions' from 144 German-speaking 'soi-disant' theologians; from the Benedictine (ICEL) Father Ruff, and from the Irish Priests who object to the corrected version of the Missal as being 'sexist and elitist'. (see Catholic Herald, Fr. Z. and Protect the Pope)

Of course we have to face up to these negatives and the above-mentioned sources must not be underrated. They richly deserve our gratitude and their place on all our bloglists. But yet again, Father Mark Kirby saves the day with his remarkable post on Vultus Christi about the Holy Father's message to youth, not only introducing YouCat (well-named) but giving them some honest and clear explanations, from his personal experience, as to the history and inception of the CCC on which YouCat is based. PLEASE go read Father Mark. His post will cheer you up, increase your hope for the future, and your faith that we have a great and wise Pope. Love him, trust him, pray for him, and Father Mark too!

In Christo pro Papa



Dom Mark Daniel Kirby, O.S.B. said...

Thank you, dear Jane. You brought joy to my heart!

Jane said...

My dear Father,

More joy in June....! At Corpus .

Jane said...

I typed it in the first time. The system failed me. Never mind, I will not be put off.

A Catholic Comes Home said...

Whenever I read the Holy Father's words, on whatever subject,Iam afraid tears spring to my eyes.And I am not usually given to such a thing.He has a way of explaining things clearly and concisely,and his words never fail to reach my heart and mind.

Jane said...

Exactly the same effect on me too.
And I'm not given to easy tears either.

Why not YouCat free online ? said...

So far we are more than 100 people who want to say that the new catechism for young YouCat, based on his nature, should also be free online and available to everyone. If you think so, come to our website, read our open letter addressed to the owners of the rights on Youcat, and if you agree, click, (on top) on "like " to give us your support. Thank you on behalf of people who may soon benefit from this doctrine, so necessary!