Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Editor of the London Catholic Herald on holiday for much longer than he predicted.

I look daily for Luke Coppen's return.. Is he in good health? What's happened to the CH 'Morning's 'must reads'? What's going on? Is William Oddie about to return as Editor? Or have I missed something?


Tito Edwards said...


If you are missing his daily must reads, then take a look at this website to satisfy that thirst:



In Jesus, Mary, & Joseph,


GOR said...

Ahem, on the May 13th edition there was the following note:

Due to holiday the next Morning Catholic must-reads will be on Monday, May 30.

Jane said...

Thanks Tito. My stats show them as visitors to Oasis since Roman trip.
Will pay more attention now!

shadowlands said...

Could it be volcanic ash? My friend had a problem getting back to Scotland from Prague, had to land in Manchester and catch a train.

Jane said...

Thanks GOR: Read original note but didn't make note of date!

Jane said...

Thanks GOR: Read original announcement but didn't make note of date!