Friday, May 20, 2011

First female blogger has at last arrived on the Guild of Blessed Titus

She apologises for this extremely late representation of her gender. But despite the best efforts of Laurence, Dylan and Richard (the Linen) Collins, she has been jinxed all week by techno-problems which have still not all been solved.

As someone said, where is Mac, where is Red Maria? I do like men, but some sisterly company would be welcome!


Richard Collins said...

Welcome and congratulations Jane.
Just one thing, I am Richard, not the great Michael Collins :)

Jane said...


Thanks for the welcome.
Abject apologies for the mistake over your name, an age moment I'm afraid. After the last few days, mentally I'm in a 'pulled thorugh a hedge backwards' sort of state. I'll correct it straight away.

God bless,

Felicity said...

At last!

Anonymous said...

Re: Bones blog today on a possible name change for the Guild.

I give up! It can't be true. Not change the name of the Guild blog to something so bizarre.
It is totally unacceptable.
I lack a sense of humour on this issue after so much hard work has gone into it.
Can it really be genuine.

Jane said...

Anon. If your're talking abou the 'Ladybird' (I'll check after supper) don't worry, I think it was just 'a rush of blood to the head'. It won't happen believe you me.

RAnn said...

I'd like to welcome you to the Catholic Blog Directory and invite you to join Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival, a weekly gathering of Catholic bloggers who share their best posts with each other. This week's edition is at

NC Sue said...

I am a blogger at Today I received a comment from someone listed as "The Friends of the Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma" who suggested I submit a post to This commenter specifically suggested I submit this particular post: He suggested that I contact you for particulars.

I confess I know nothing about Titus Brandsma or the guild, but perhaps you could educate me, review the above post, and see whether it might be of interest to the guild.

Thank you.

(Sue Roth)
From Durham NC

Felicity said...

Shadowlands has joined you.
Dylan will be pleased.

Not sure what the Sunday Snippets is.
They seems to have some sort of technology to easily transfer documents.
I am supporting the ones who went to Rome and who came home and did something constructive with what they learned.

Things are looking good and we readers will hopefully have a fine, inclusive umbrella blog to visit with confidence.
Still waiting for Mulier Fortis and Red Maria. (:

Felicity said...

Re: the Guild.
I think it unwise that the Guild's name is being used as a quality mark on a blog that is currently displaying a very questionable video.

Readers are enjoying with Guild blog and relieved at the appearance of women.
I do not wish members' own choice of subject on their own blog to seem as if it has the approval of the Guild.

Can you look into this please as you did over the "Ladybird" issue.

Did anyone follow up NCSue's offer (with your comments)
Thank you.
The Rome pictures were great.

Jane said...


Sorry, I've been very busy. To which blog are your referring? I can't look into it without this information.

Felicity said...

Hello again.

"Ladybird" should give a clue.

I hate to criticise someone who is brimming with enthusiasm.
The "quality mark" is on the right side.
The video has to be listened to get my point.
I guess so long as something like that doesn't go to the Guild it doesn't matter. I'm probably too puritanical about language!

I notice Dylan and yourself do not use the name so conspicuously.
As a reader I am hopefully trying to maintain the standard of a decent inclusive charitable Catholic blog at last.
You might want to delete my comments on this issue. I do not want to hurt anybody's feelings.
Kind Regards

Anonymous said...

What is a reliable address for sending material to the Guild blog please?
It would be preferable that it is a location that is respected, with a history of charitable blogging.
Thank you.

Jane said...


Sorry to be late with this.

Suggest you follow the link 'How to Join' at the top of the Blessed Titus Blog' front page.

God bless,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply.

I am not happy about the implications of sending posts for the GBTB to the address given and am led to believe the original address A Reluctant Sinner is preferable.
The uninvited addition of a photograph suggests that the address given might not be reliable and could taint the Guild with the assumption of a controversial, highly vocal blogging position.
I fear excellent bloggers like yourself will be discouraged.
I will not raise this matter again and look forward to further inspiring posts from you.