Saturday, May 28, 2011

Msgr Fonlupt and Rodez priests' letter to Rome: update

I've now had time to look carefully at the news I received in morning inbox. It seems that the news emanates from an independent blog entitled Osservatore Vaticano.  The relevant pages are in French, and if you need translation the Google translate button produces enough for you to get the main ideas of what has been sent to the Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops. I've examined the blog and it looks respectable and prudently reasoned.  Its author one 'Vini Ganimaria' had already been in contact with the priests who wrote the letter to Cardinal Ouellet, and it is they who supplied him with a copy.

The content of the letter first:

I noticed straight away that nowhere does it actually mention specific concern about the Rodez appointment, only insofar as it is the fourth recent French episcopal appointment that seems to be in direct opposition to the Holy Father's mind. The speak on behalf  of all French orthodox Catholics. Apart from this lack of an appeal on their own specific diocesan behalf, the letter is a forceful attempt to warn the Congregation's Prefect of the damage to the French Church these appointments will do. Its clear message is that appointments such as Msgr Fonlupt's will only hasten the decline of the Faith and its practice in France. These priests express themselves as finding the appointments 'incomprehensible' and 'unintelligible'.. The Church continues to diminish where abuses are allowed and encouraged, and where bishops express outright disagreement with the Magisterium. On the other hand, the Church is beginning to breathe again where priests and people are uniting themselves behind Pope Benedict. The letter is a heart rending plea that the Holy See pays attention to an extremely grave situation. The health of French Catholicism depends on the appointment of bishops who will respond to her true needs and hopes.

The composition of the letter's group signatories:
As mentioned earlier the group would have been much larger had it not been a matter of urgency to send the letter with all possible despatch.

However, of the 21
'They are perfect representatives of the 'living force' in French Catholicism. there are 4 religious, 2 members of Ecclesia Dei Institutes, and 15 diocesans priests.. some have been recently ordained and some have been priests for more than 20 years. Nearly all of them are under 50 years of age. In a word they are representative of the new generation" Their letter referred to this as the 'Benedictine' generation.

One can only hope and pray that His Eminence has taken heed and mentioned the letter during the private audience he had with Pope Benedict during the past week.

Apologies for any typos.  This has had to be done in great haste as am due to go out in about an hour.  


Pastor in Valle said...

Thank you for this: the whole question really deserves airing.

Jane said...

Thanks Father. I will indeed continue to 'air' whatever I find, or have presented to me.

Fr Michael Brown said...

Very interesting. I didn1t think there was any point protesting after an appointment. It will be interesting to seewhere this goes.

Marc said...

Thanks for your post! ... and so I'll count the quarter hour spent trying to find the letter (or anything!) in l'Osservatore Romano's online archive as well-deserved penance.... I've always found Osservatore Vaticano to be solid, myself.