Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tomorrow's "Universae Ecclesiae"

Yesterday I'd already decided not to post tomorrwo, Friday 13 May. Like  most readers for whom it is a possibility, I will (DV) be glued to the Vatican Bollettino at noon tomorrow, will be spending the afternoon digesting the document and following the comments on other blog. I expect that you will be similarly occupied.

As you know I intended to post today about the Tuesday of my recent Roman experience. Therefore you can imagine my dismay upon discovering at 11am this morning that I could not access my Blogger dashboard. I worked  hard to restore it for a couple of fevered but unsuccessful hours, before giving up in frustration that I could not keep my promise to you. Awareness of the gremlin responsible for such  incidents, is what causes me always to put DV when announcing intended posts. (This is at least the third time the said Mr g. has had the better of me, and I hereby announce that in future, if I fail to post as promised it will be because he has managed to find another chink in the system.!)

Other commitments for the rest of today make it sensible not to post again until Saturday unless there are any easy video snippets. (Last night's was put up to remind me that kneeling for prayer is something I've wanted to post about for a long time.)

With a very loud and emphatic DV,
I remain yours in vast relief,


In Christo pro Papa


shadowlands said...

I had the same problem with blogger this a.m when trying to post comments.

pelerin said...

Jane, my sympathies entirely. I have also had computer problems all day and have been unable to access either the Internet or email. Thanks to an expert who has talked me over the phone it has now returned. However I see that the pictures have gone again from some of the blogs! Still can't have everything I suppose.They had reappeared just in time to see those wonderful Ethiopian icons on Fr Ray's blog which are now reduced to small grey oblongs.

At least I have it back in time for tomorrow's news. (I am wondering what the French for gremlin is!)

Jane said...

Thanks to you both! We seem to have had a rough day! Pelerin, Colin has just looked it up. The French for gremlin is 'un diablotin'. Useful, yes?!

pelerin said...

'Diablotin' very logical should have guessed it was something like that! Thanks