Monday, May 16, 2011

The Guild of Blessed Titus is now up and running! Deo Gratias

Thanks to Laurence and Dylan.
See sidebar here.
Have promised to post on it at the weekend. Now back to other pressing tasks.

God bless all here.

In Christo pro Papa


Felicity said...

Another old boy network?
Where are the women contributors?
Not a female in sight in the picture?

Please contact those women bloggers who were at the inaugural meeting.
We, the female readers are relying on you.

Jane said...

Felicity: I understand perfectly. I'd say 'young boy' network if anything! And I know they are just soenthusiastic in their Faith, that they don't realise how it might look. I've communicated these concerns and think you realise I'll continue to do my best.

Stick with it.

God bless,

Felicity said...

Still no women bloggers on the Guild site!
I checked out Cant Oves-another male.

Dominated by the Bones so far.
Where is Mulier Fortis
Red Maria etc etc.?

How about a nice post from France on PONTMAIN- not very well-known or Catherine Laboure or anything French?

The new picture was meant to more be inclusive but some clever women spotted the "ladies" were Renaissance young men disciples!
That doesn't matter so long as some of the articles come from the women.

You were in Rome. Women bloggers featured there so let's get them going, pleeeeese!

Not sure why the reticence. We readers and commenters are not intimidated by erudition.
Let's get going or the Association of Catholic Women Bloggers will get the cream and I'm for a mixed Guild. There's enough ghetto mentality in my parish already.
Thanks for your response.

Anon. well-wisher and reader said...

The original idea was to have members submit one post a week -SEE Dylan's early posts on the planning. Looking through women's blog comments one lady finds the mission statement intimidating ie liturgy, theology etc.

Since it is a guild for all Catholic bloggers do you think a female member like yourself could approach women for good contributions from their archive assuring some that they do not need a degree in theology to participate.

It is difficult not to sound patronising.
One commenter hopes it will not become a "one-man show".
As well as quality, slower publishing of posts might be considered. Keep some in the pipe-line.
We readers have only so much time!

I have looked through some earlier articles by Catholic women bloggers and they would be well worth another airing on the Guild.
Can I say, without being uncharitable to the person concerned, it is not for one member to add a picture to another members contribution without permission. Doing so will discourage people. Sometimes we have to curb our well-meaning enthusiasm don't we?

I send this to you rather than Dylan because he has set the ball rolling and it is for others, including myself, to press forward with his vision.
So glad you were able to attend the Rome Blogmeet.

Jane said...

Felicity and Anon:

I have spent three days or more trying to post on the Guild blog without success.
Tuesday: asked Laurence for help
Wed, he emailed instructions which were clearer than Dylan's original ones, but still didn't do the trick
Thursday: Lauence had offered to post my articles for me if I still couldn't do it directly so emailed asking if he'd prefer it by email attachment. Last evening he mailed to say yes, he'd prefer that.
Today Friday, I wrote my first post for the Guild as a Word Doc and tried to send it. three more hours whilst I tried to work out why my computer wouldn't do something it normally does. In the end sent my piece to Laurence as an ordinary email.
Believe you me, I'm at screaming point. Not only do I have a problem with posting on the Guild blog, but I can't join in group discussion on the guild member private forum. This is crucial because I'm totally cut off and can't make my own and your concerns heard.

While I would defend L's hard work and enthusiasm, I feel that he should prioritise helping me to get onto these two things. I think it's just his youth, but unfortunately the net result to outsiders makes it look horribly like male arrogance. They don't seem to realise this and are making a rod for all our backs, including my own totally innocent one!
I aked L to let me know if he's received the text. I await his reply.

I have many ideas and suggestions that I've been unable to put before the other members. I'd do my own round robin to them all but as you see I simply have not had the time.

I'm not going to post on the Oasis about these difficulties, but do keep reading it for further new of what happened to me in Rome.

Thanks for your support as I continue to fight the good fight.


The Friends said...

Look out for


If there are more delays that are not technical but related to "male arrogance" we will be there.

Both genders are involved with THE FRIENDS looking to enjoy the best of blogs from both sexes.

You've set the standard Jane. Let's hope other women bloggers will respond accordingly.
I think the boys were expecting pretty cat photos. Well they got a real corker of an article from you.