Sunday, May 29, 2011

We celebrated our 23rd Wedding anniversary yesterday

And in spite of having remembered during the last week, that it was imminent we both forgot all about it until lunch time. In the next post I'll share the music I had at the opening processional - Susato's 'Pavane - La Bataille' - not chosen for its title I might add, although it caused much amusement at the time, and still does. A simple, stirring and very effective tune. Had to go down to the Westminster Music library for a copy of the 'dots'.  I was surprised to find so many versions on You Tube. This one is at about the tempo we had, although too heavily 'ornamented' for my taste.  Some of the other versions are so fast that I would have had to run, rather than 'pavane' down the aisle. And some whilst at Pavane tempo are ponderous rather than stately. The (then) Landlord of the nearby Antelope gave a superb rendition of  the trumpet solo, accompanied by our (St Mary's Cadogan St. Chelsea) resident organist/musical director. One of our basses had acquired a tambour for the occasion and his contribution added to the Renaissance flavour of the whole thing.. Enough of the memories for today, maybe more next year.

We've had our skirmishes over the last 23 years, but never a serious battle,.for which we both give thanks to God.

May He continue to bless us, and or course, all here.

In Christo pro Papa



pelerin said...

Many congratulations Jane and many more happy years to you both. Loved the music, very noble, but as you say an unusual choice due to its title. A bit like someone chosing 'Fight the good fight' for a wedding! Carry on celebrating.

Jane said...

Thanks Pelerin.
Actually, because of the Annulment proceedings, the 'good fight' had already been fought and won by the canon lawyers of the Westminster Tribunal. Deo gratias.


Annie said...

Congratulations! :)

shadowlands said...

Happy anniversary Jane! It was my birthday on Sat too!

Jane said...

Thanks Annie and Ros. Hope you had a good birthday Ros. Go bless you both.


Pastor in Valle said...

Tanti auguri!

Jane said...

Pastor in Valle: Thank you very much for your greeting!

Less joyful in Rodez? See my latest post and French Bishops site, if not already done..

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! It would have been our 33rd on August 1st had Hutch lived. I dread that date now.

Cherish each other! I know you do!

Love and prayers,