Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The times, at last, are definitely 'achangin'

YES, one is very definitely encouraged to believe it, Deo gratias.
1. Liturgy::
See Fr Tim's post at 'The Hermeneutic of Continuity' on last Sunday's Pontifical Mass in the EF  at St Peter's Altar of the Chair. I watched it after the Pope's live Regina Coeli  broadcast and was astounded and reduced to tears of joy and relief by the powerful witness of the images.. Fr Tim links to hundreds of them. Thank you, Father. The wind of change is definitely apparent, and not just to the Romans.
2. Morals:
See 'Protect the Pope' on the Vatican reclamation of its own Aid Agencies, particularly on its recent decisive  actions re. Lesley Ann White and Fr Timothy Radcliffe.Thank you Deacon Nick, according to whom, Cardinal Bertone addressed the International Caritas meeting in place of the former master of the Dominicans. I understood that the preacher of the Papal Household, Fr Cantalamessa would also give a homily at the Caritas meeting. I  look forward to full texts of all contributions as they are made available (probably at Zenit) during the coming days.


In Christo pro Papa,


DV, tomorrow, more Roman 'emotion recollected in (relative) tranquility' e.g, reflections after viewing the Pieta; and the Altar of the Falsehood..

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