Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thanks to my 'dogs in doublets'; h/t to the Anchoress for this post title

I'm too tired to do any more tonight  aside from this. I will re-engage the battle tomorrow and later resume the series of posts on my Roman experience. But for now, what exactly is a 'dog in a doublet'? The Anchoress (Elizabeth Scalia), who thanks be to God has recovered from temporary illness, posted today an Eric Partridge-type list of old slang. 'A dog in a doublet' gives its period away by the item of male clothing mentioned. Anyway, the definition given is: 'a daring resolute fellow'. You can just see them strutting about Shakespeare's Southwark, can't you (Paul, Laurence, Dylan and James, furiously and productively arguing with each other.). The definition of  a  'dog in a doublet' does not specify youth, but it was the young, or relatively young, who sprang immediately to mind when I read this. Our priestly bloggers deserve a post of thanks on their own and Father Z is already too venerable to be included as a 'dog' of this kind! Thank God he was able to blog in isolated splendour yestersday, whilst Blogger bloggers were rendered mute. His voice on the podcast was incredibly soothing

So thanks to you, my 'dogs in doublets': that is Paul Priest, Laurence England, Dylan Parry and James Preece, even though you do not always agree with each other, and at times I may not be entirely comfortable with the style of what you do and say, I thank God for the gifts He has given you, and pray you well.

In Christo pro Papa,


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