Thursday, December 31, 2009

Consistory 2010? And an unexpected New Year's gift

Our Holy Father is set for another busy year. In an article outlining the events already in his diary, Catholic News Service considers the possibility, if not probability of a Consistory in 2010. See the article's last three paragraphs here You will note that CNS only considers the possible American candidates for 'the red hat'. Had they thought about the English situation, it may have encouraged them to speculate that Pope Benedict may choose a date before the summen holidays rather than waiting until November, when there would be 19, rather than 12 vacancies in the college of those eligible to vote in a conclave. Were it not for this difference in number, I would be praying for a 'red hat' for Archbishop Nichols at the earlier rather than the later date, and for reasons which I may post about later. However, the possibility of 7 more 'Benedictine' appointments to the voting body at the next conclave, must be regarded as having considerable significance as to its potential outcome, and therefore to the choice of date for the next Consistory. Pope Benedict's age and medical history will make the decision more difficult for him, unless he knows how much longer he is going to live! We can be confident that as with all his decisions, he will make this one only after long and profound prayer. That is why in all my Rosaries, I unite myself to his prayer intentions, published or not, rather than framing my own.


New Year's Eve in St. Romain
My husband went across the road to the village shop this morning to buy milk and the newspaper. He came back with two gifts from the Patron and his assistant. These were a set of 6 tall whiskey glasses bearing the J&B logo, and two miniature cups and saucers for the imbibing of cafe cognac!

What a lovely gesture as a way of saying thank you for our custom and conveying New Year's greetings. I went across straight away to express my thanks and wish them 'Bonne Annee'.
We already have cognac in the house but it strikes me now that I should have bought a bottle of J&B! Just off to get it now so that we can 'toast' you all just after midnight!

In the meantime, thank you for your readership and may God bless you and send you a Happy New Year.

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