Sunday, December 13, 2009

St. John of the Cross tomorrow

Time to contemplate 'the thicket of the Cross'.

Tango has posted more news in the combox of the most recent post about Fr Blondel (RIP). The Holy Father mentioned him today at the Angelus, and the other priests who have been killed in South Africa this year. Otherwise there has not been much comment here in France. Has anyone picked up anything in the British or American Press or online, apart from Zenit which I mentioned earlier. Thank you Tango. Without you I probably would not know anything about this.

The Angelus in Rome today was a joyful occasion - on Gaudete Sunday what else? And our Holy Father gave himself to it genuinely of course. But on another level we all know he is outraged by the Irish abuse scandal report and that he is composing a letter to the Irish faithful. May this help to dry the tears and bind up the wounds of decades, and may the Irish people actually receive his unadulterated, unedited words. May nobody anymore impede communication between this most holy Pope and his frightened and confused flock.

As I said, now that Gaudete Sunday is over for another year, it is time to renew our contemplation of 'the thicket of the cross'. Surely this can only deepen our understanding of, and joy in, the Incarnation of Our Lord and Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

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