Saturday, December 12, 2009

More Photos as promised - 2

Three more of the chapel and three of the library taken from the chapel

More little details
Top left below beam - little shrine of St. Therese of Lisieux
Parially obscured by beam - chair at the wooden prie-dieu - an old replica of the one used by Churchill during WWII. It has a large oval relief of St. George and the dragon in the leather of its backrest. The ebay seller did not know its provenance. He thought it might be the original but described it as a replica in the interests of honesty.

Prie dieu - from Antique Church Furnishings, salvaged from a closed convent.

In foreground left behind beam - one of eight cane French-style prie dieu from Tournai Cathedral, obtained when they were throwing out about 70 of them several years ago.

Centre -hanging from beam in foreground - entrance bell bought at Emmaus Charity near Angouleme.

Above Our Lady of Lourdes - Icon of Christ Pantocrator - from same source as altar icons.
On upright beam, extreme right - Holy water stoup - one of the few things in the chapel without a history - bought new at the CTS London, at least ten years ago.

Sorry you can't see these items in detail. Will try to post close-ups as the months pass.


Three more details

Above chaire behind Communion rail - Icon of Elijah and the Raven given as a present by my Spiritual Director.
To the right of this - hanging sanctuary lamp, not yet properly affixed to the beam.
The Communion rail was put in by an English friend who lives across the road. We used an old beam found lying on the property when we bought it in 1989.


Iron plant stands
From a French Brocante site on ebay


A section of the Library

Taken from behind Communion rail in chapel. Apologies for the hoover on the sofa. I didn't have time to move it, or the mat on the red carpet. It looks as if a visiting Moslem has left his prayer mat behind. Not so, I assure you.

Another shot of the Library

Taken from chapel sanctuary. On window sill behind keyboard - statue of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. She spends the winter indoors and goes into the garden for Spring and Summer. There she has her own little grotto.

Centrally on the wall is a painting of a detail of the 14th century facade of Aubeterre St. Jacques Church which is two km away. The white board below the painting and crucifix is a relic from the time I used the library as a classroom, that is up to summer 2008. I wrote something on the board a couple of weeks ago just to amuse myself. It's still there. Any guesses as to what it might be I wonder?


And a final one taken from the gallery - bottom of chapel stairs visible at lower right of picture.

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