Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Our Holy Father recalls childhood Christmas in Tittmoning

I found this charming little video several months ago and have been saving it for Christmas. Does anyone know where and when it was made and who was in the audience? He seems very relaxed so perhaps he was addressing students, seminarians or a group of priests and religious. I don't understand it all but he appears to be making mild and affectionate fun of his child-like reactions to the Christmas tree and to the person dressed up as St. Nicholas, whom the young Joseph believed really was the saint.

(We will attempt an English transcript before Christmas.)

The Holy Father recollects his childhood in Tittmoning

I think the Holy Father mentions singing in the choir in this first video, so the one that follows seems an appropriate musical accompaniament, particularly since the little boy next to last on the left looks a bit like the child Joseph Ratzinger. (Thank you again Mark!)

Vienna Boys Choir sings Tannenbaum, 1977


pelerin said...

That was delightful to hear the Holy Father in such a relaxed manner talking in his own language especially after the dreadful event on Christmas night. I froze when my son came into me on Christmas morning and told me that the Pope had been attacked. Am catching up on the blogs after having returned from the frozen north late last night!

pelerin said...

PS Nice to see and hear the Vienna Boys Choir. Was taken to see them when they came to Eastbourne many years ago. It was probably my first experience of continental singing and left a lasting impression on me.