Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tenth Anniversary Celebrations on kto: Interviews with Cardinal Bertone and Cardinal Ouillet of Quebec


2.3o pm Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Secretary of State.
A good report on the interview is available in English at Zenit

7.30 pm Cardinal Marc Ouillet, Archbishop of Quebec

These are both repeat broadcasts and can also be viewed as videos on kto at any time.
N.B. There may be slight adjustments in statedscheduled times.

10 am kto will broadcast the ceremony in Rome as the Pope conveys his Christmas wishes to the Roman Curia. Even if you don't understand Italian or French you can enjoy it visually.

Naturally kto will also cover Wednesday's General Audiece (9.30 am); Christmas Eve Midnight Mass celebrated in St. Peter's Basilica by Pope Benedict (9pm); Christmas Day - His "Urbi et Orbi" from the central Loggia (11 am)


pelerin said...

Thanks for the reminder Jane. Like your comment 'there may be slight adjustments in scheduled times!'

I am trying to work out why a programme which they advertise on another 'page' will be on tonight at 22.15 HF does not feature in their programming list? It is a documentary on Ste Madeleine du Barroux. I presume it will be available later to view as a video but their programmings are often confusing.

The last interview on kto with Cardinal Barbarin was fascinating - he must be the easiest person in the world to interview as he is never lost for words!

Jane said...


Yes I too saw the advert about the barroux programme and was hoping to post it, but hen when I looked at the programm schedules it wasn't there. So disappointing. However, I'll check in about 20 minutes to see if there's a last minute change. i won't be the first time this has happened even with Papal occasions.

Je suis d'accord au sujet de Cardinal Barbarin!!

pelerin said...

Glad you saw the details too - was beginning to think I was mistaken! Was going to notify my PP until I saw the programme schedule and it wasn't there.

pelerin said...

Nope - false alarm. When I went back to it, the programme has vanished and cannot get the live broadcast at all. Ah well must wait to see the video.

Jane said...

Pelerin, I checked at 8.15pm the scheduled time in the advert and they were playing a repeat of today's Angelus. Further examination of the programme schedule didn't mention it at all.

Well, with the two of us on the case, if it is ever to be shown, the world will know about it in good time!

It looked beautiful on the clips I saw. And the commentary said that the monks of Barroux had welcomed kto for the first time. No wonder Philippine de St. Pierre has grey hair!

Suivez la piste, or in this case, les moines!

God bless,

pelerin said...

Your comment on Philippine made me laugh. It is difficult to guess her age but she seems to dress 'old' but could well be younger than she looks and could well be prematurely grey! I definitely saw the beginning of the programme - then went to your blog to tell you - and when I switched back to kto it had vanished. As you say 'Suivez les moines!'

Infuriating but we must be thankful neither of us was on the Eurostar this weekend! I have travelled on it in freezing temperatures and snow so it is strange that the weather suddenly affects it in this way. Had to laugh at one of the comments on '20 minutes' asking why anyone would want to visit Britain saying there was nothing to do there!

Jane said...

The number of comments here makes it look as if this was a widely-read post, when really it't just us having a chat!! Tant pis!

Philippine's a difficult one, but were I forced, I'd say she's early to mid-forties. She has a very clear unlined skin, as I had at that age. As for her 'dress-sense', best not to comment for fear of disturbing the 'entente cordiale'. However, I must say that I prefer her to the younger and regular female interviewers, particularly the one with the teeth and the flashing eyes.

Yes, thank God we weren't on the Eurostar. Colin read it all out to me from the 'Sud-Ouest', our local Sunday newspaper.

As for nothing to do in Britain, are these people crazy - so many Masses to go to - in Brighton at St. Mary Magdalen's for a start!

de tout coeur,

pelerin said...

My preference is the young man who interviews the Bishops!

Jane said...

My general preference is for the male presenters, except for Philippine. I do admire her. She is in earnest, does a good solid job and doesn't swamp the screen with her own personality, unlike 'teeth and eyes'!

Off to have another rake through the schedules.