Monday, December 21, 2009

"Gregorian" Mass from Notre Dame Paris on Christmas Morning

kto will broadcast this Mass at 9am UK time on Christmas Day. It remains to be seen and heard whether "Gregorian" is meant in the sense of Cardinal Castrillon's coinage for the EF, or whether it simply means that Plainchant will be sung - probably the latter. That said, Cardinal Vingt-trois has already celebrated two EF Masses this year, although not in Notre Dame. and neither was televised so far as I know. Are we about to see him make history in his own cathedral? If not, it will still be worth tuning in, for the spiritually and aesthetically uplifting experience of hearing the Chant in that setting.

The broadcast will finish in good time for the channel to go ove to Rome for the "Urbi et Orbi" at 11am, again UK time.


pelerin said...

Notre-Dame has a 'Messe Gregorienne' every Sunday. I have never been able to attend then to find out exactly what form it takes. However I think if it had been the EF, friends in Paris would have told me rather than direct me elsewhere when I first asked if the Forme Extraordinaire was celebrated anywhere there.

I don't think the Cardinal will be making history in his own cathedral but I should love to be proved wrong!

Jane said...

Hello again Pelerin,

About the Messe Gregorienne - how long has that been going at Notre Dame on Sundays, and is it a departure to have it on Christmas Day and in the morning rather than at an evening Mass?

As to Cardinal "23", nor do I expect that he will make history, but like you I live in hope and prayer! Don't think I could bear his 'one-handed-catch' elevation at an EF. Even at an NO it seems so casual. (He gives the impression of being so 'laid back' that it's a good job he uses a chair rather than a stool!) Keep meaning to find out about the history of the practice. I don't know of anyone else who does it, priest or prelate. Do you?

pelerin said...

Jane - the 10 am Gregorienne Mass has been each Sunday for at least the last five years - probably a lot longer.

I was never free to investigate Sunday mornings so until I was told that the EF was celebrated in Paris in at least two churches elsewhere, when in Paris I always used to attend the evening Mass in ND particularly when Cardinal Lustiger was the celebrant. And the Gregorian was always listed on the service sheet.

Like you I don't like 23's 'one handed catch' but it is his looking around at the congregation during the Elevation which I find quite upsetting ... but had to laugh at the thought of him falling of a stool because he is so laid back. Very irreverent on my part I'm sure!

I do miss Cardinal Lustiger's celebrations of the Mass and particularly his homilies there always unscripted. He was a hard
act to follow - I am glad I had so many opportunities of listening to him.

Jane said...

There was at least one interview with Cardinal Lusiger on kto earlier in the week. You must have enjoyed it. How wonderful to have heard him preach so frequently. As for Cardinal 23 gazing round at the Consecration, I too find it very upsetting, particularly these days, now that I've become so used to the absolute focua and concentration of the Holy Father on the Presence of the Lord at his own consecrations. It has the effect of drawing us all toward an entering in to the same focus and concentration. He shows us example as well as precept. I could write an essay about this! I'd better stop and get on with preparing supper.

Colin just read out from the TV schedules that F2 will show the Papal Christmas Eve Mass at Midnight, just after kto will have finished their truly 'live' broadcast. The F2 schedule claims that its broadcast will be 'en direct'. Feel like writing to 'La Croix, if not Le Figaro.

pelerin said...

Yes I did watch that interview which dated back to 2001. I was lucky to have heard the Cardinal when he still had a powerful voice.

On my regular visits to Paris at first I used to attend the nearest church to my destination on the Sat or Sun. Then one Sunday the Cardinal was the celebrant as it was a special day - I forget which - and I was spell-bound when I heard him speak. From then on I tried to attend the Sun evening Mass in Notre Dame nearly always celebrated by Lustiger. It was so sad to hear his voice deteriorate on each occasion until it was down to a hoarse whisper and he was forced to use a small mike.

Yes I am always suspicious of programmes 'en direct' and as you say this year the Pope's 'midnight Mass will be at 10 I believe. However F2 probably think that as even non-pratiquants speak of la Messe de Minuit they probably feel that a little deception doesn't matter! Or more likely there will be a 'spectacle' on TV which cannot be interrupted just because the Mass is earlier. One thing is certain the star won't be poor Johnnie! It looks as if his singing days are over?

You so well described the 'absolute focus' of the Holy Father during the Elevation in contrast to Cardinal 23. In my own (adopted) parish it is the same - truly wonderful concentration by the Priest which sadly is rare these days. Of course if 23 celebrated ad orientem I wonder whether that would focus him more.

Jane said...

Yes, I agree. Card. 23 is a definite candidate for the curative effects on himself and us, of 'ad orientem'.

D'accord also about the probable reason for F2's 'economy with the truth'.

Colin has been keeping me up to date from the local rag about the tribulations of Johnnie, and his charlatan surgeon, who sounds absolutely diabolical. Apparently the latter was attacked in Paris a couple of days ago.

pelerin said...

Whilst on the subject of Johnnie (I still find myself humming 'Pour moi la vie va commencer!') did you know he was born in '43. A good year!!!

Jane said...


No, I didn't know that Johnnie was a 1943 babe. A very good year indeed, paricularly for the distaff side. Neither of US has wanted or needed even one face-lift, never mind several!! Poor Johnnie, as you say. He has my prayers as I'm sure he has yours. That said, Jacques Brel's my favourite - another Belgian!

pelerin said...

Brel yes superbe but Aznavour was always my top along with Piaf of course. And I believe he's still going! It was years before I found out Brel was Belgian and of course Aznavour is Armenian - but to me they represent the best of la chanson francaise of the 60s. No idea of today's songs but bet they aren't a patch on Brel, Aznavour, Trenet,Greco, Brassens,Adamo, Dalida etc etc Oh memories!!! Bonnne journee Jane!