Saturday, December 12, 2009

More Photos as promised - 1

First, two of this year's Advent wreath on the freezer top in the kitchen!

Adorned with a 'Golden Showers' Rose for the Immaculate Conception

I went into the Advent section of the garden on the morning of December 8th (the garden is planted according to the liturgical seasons) and found one rose blooming on the climbing 'Golden Showers'. Coincidence if you wish, but I take it as a gift from our Immaculate Mother and one which I rejoice to give back to her. This section of the garden has several roses planted for her. But 'Golden Showers' was planted to memorialise the golden slippers she wears in the Apparition at Lourdes. It is not possible to look at it without hearing her words to St. Bernadette: "I am the Immaculate Conception."

The Little Yellow Stars are Winter Jasmine and there's a rose hip near the right hand foreground violet candle.

Winter Jasmine represents St. John the Evangelist in my garden. I'll post an explanation as to why when we reach his feast. The embroidered cloth, also with yellow stars, was worked by my husband's paternal grandmother (RIP) and was perfect for this picture.

A plant growing out of the top of my head? Friends might say that wouldn't be surprising! No, just a wall vase.

To the left above my head, Shrine to St. Catherine Laboure, St. Louise de Marillac and the great St. Vincent de Paul. Centre: The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus . The statue is old and was given to me by Violet Sparkes (RIP) former sacristan of St. Mary's Cadogan St. London - Auntie Vi as she was affectionately known to members of the choir. Underneath the statue - to the left, St. Claude Colombieres, and right St. Jean Eudes with a relic of St. Margaret Mary between them, and her picture on the table.

The candlestand: The three lights burning are for my Birmingham sisters and our special intentions, for all my spiritual priest and seminarian 'sons', and for my blogging friends and spiritual mothers worldwide.

Our Lady of Lourdes and Queen of Peace

To the right of the Most Sacred Heart is the little statue of Our Lady of Lourdes and beneath that a picture of Our Lady of Peace in St. Mary the Virgin, Bourne St., London SW1. This is where I pray for all my Anglo Catholic friends that they may come home soon.

Longshot of altar with icons of the Evangelists and the Apostles

A closer one.

Icon on wall right behind altar: St. Mary Magdalene with Jesus in the Garden of Resurrection

And the Sacred Heart blessing the house to the right of picture

All the icons came from Greece. The white card in front of the altar crucifix is the dedication of Brother Juan Diego of Fr Mark's embryonic Monastery in Tulsa. Brother received the holy habit on December 7th. "May God who has begun this work in him, bring it to fulfilment."

More tomorrow with some of the library taken from the chapel.

God bless you all and have a truly joyful Gaudete Sunday.


sandy said...

Lovely,holy place Jane.Love the old beams,and the fact that you have little "prayer stations"especially for your Anglican friends and Spiritual mothers etc.I like that.

Jane said...


I'm so glad this little 'holy place' spoke to you. Now you know where you are being prayed for!

In union of prayer always,

Annie said...

Thank you for sharing these photos Jane, they are lovely,
love and prayers x